About BjerreGarden.com

My name is Torben Bjerregaard and I have designed a new range of posters that match the trend of the new Nordic coolness.


I am a graphic designer and have made creative, graphic work for the Danish lifestyle industry for many years. Now I have created BjerreGarden as my creative space for making cool design, which are a new interpretation of the Nordic soul and style. All elements are inspired by my creative work, mixed with the impressions everyday life provides.

I want to contribute with experiences that bring our nature into a cultural perspective and create something that is honest and contemporary.


I have created 8 new posters and printed them all in silkscreen in a limited edition of 35 pcs., numbered and signed copies. They are all unique an everything is done by hand.


My designs are graphic experiments with nature and ecological awareness as partners. They fit perfectly into the modern interior design with room for creative distortions: they can stand as individual works or put together into meaningful collages, and match cool classic furniture or colorful vintage finds.
My work is a combination of creativity, professionalism and a humble respect for nature.

All the best, Torben Bjerregaard

Special thanks to Anders Kavin, photographer and Toto B. Christensen, multimedia designer.